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Saddle Trials

24hr saddle trials are available on all our second hand saddles, but not our new stock. The concept of a saddle trial is to enable a potential buyer the opportunity to assess the fit of a saddle on their mount.

The following are the conditions on which a saddle will be released for a trial:

The Trading Stables hereby agrees to allow potential purchasers of used saddles a 24hr trial peroid upon full payment of the agreed purchase price of the saddle under the following conditions:

  • Trial period is strictly 24hrs from when the saddle is taken from our store.
  • If the saddle is to be returned, it must be delivered to The Trading Stables and checked by staff. If it is found to be damaged or not in the same condition as when the trial began, no refund will apply.
  • Payment by Credit Card incurs a bank charge of $3 in the first $100, which will result in a 3% surcharge on goods being returned which was paid for by Credit Card.
  • If the purchaser does not return the saddle or contact The Trading Stables within the agreed 24hr trial peroid, the transaction will be complete and no refund will apply unless otherwise agreed in writing by both parties prior to the commencement of the trial.
  • Saddles must be clean for a refund

Our saddle trial form notes the condition and/or any marks to the saddle, as well as any mounts it may come with. You will be required to provide personal details, including name, phone number and address and to sign the form stating your acceptance of our terms and conditions.

Interstate customers please note that saddle trials can be arranged. Interested parties are encouraged to contact The Trading Stables to discuss and/or arrange a trial.