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Saddle Fitting

Saddle Fitting by Helen Hart - Accredited Saddle Fitters of Australasia (ASFA) Accredited Saddle Fitter


Saddle fitting can be arranged by appointment with The Trading Stables proprietor and experienced saddle fitter of many years, Helen Hart. Helen is meticulous and thorough with her work, and takes pride in excellent results. Her association with the shop and our suppliers ensures she is always up to date with the latest resources and innovations in saddlery and saddle fitting. Helen has knowledge that extends far beyond simple saddlecraft. Encompassing the ability to assess each horse as an individual and consider the animal's specific musculo-skeletal proportions in addition to the design of the saddle,  you can rest assured that your saddle fit will provide many hours of happy riding.

A saddle that correctly fits both rider and mount is imperative for optimum performance, comfort and enjoyment. Often an ill-fitting saddle causes misinterpretations about the rider's ability or the horse's attitude and/or soundness.
Riding in a saddle unsuitable for your physique can cause recurring pain and impair ridden progress as aids are not clearly, nor effectively, communicated due to poor positioning.
A saddle that does not fit the horse can cause a plethora of problems. The most commonly cited result of an unsuitable saddle is back pain, however the effects of a poor saddle fit extend far beyond the horse's back. A saddle that does not fit will encourage the horse to adopt a poor way of traveling - often referred to as a "hollow outline" - whereby the spine sways or "dips", the neck braces through the undermuscles and the steps become short and hard. Consistent riding in this manner is not only painful for the mount, but may encourage behavioural problems as a response to discomfort.

Physical evidence apparent on the horse that a saddle may not fit include obvious sores, white hairs, temporary swellings after removing the saddle, scars or hard spots in the muscle or skin, muscle atrophy on the sides of the withers and friction rubs in the hair.
Performance problems include, but are not limited to; resistance to work, front leg lameness (stumbling, tripping), rushing at fences or refusing fences, regular bucking or rearing, becoming "cold-backed" during mounting, difficulty maintaining impulsion or collection and "girthiness".

The rider may also experience pain; in particular lower back pain, hip/knee/ankle pain or pain across the shoulders, often resulting in headaches.

Optimum performance from both horse and rider as a unit cannot be attained without a correctly fitting saddle. Once a suitable saddle has been chosen and fitted, a true partnership can finally flourish. The pair are now able to communicate effectively without interference; aids can be applied clearly and efficiently, whilst the rider can feel the horse's movement and reactions. The mount will travel forward obligingly without resistance and effortlessly produce quality work.

If you find your riding career is lacking impulsion, it may be time to organize a saddle fit. Helen will gladly fit your current saddle, or will happily bring along saddles from our extensive shop collection. Specializing in all disciplines, Helen stocks and fits everything from jumping, general purpose and dressage through to stock, western, half breeds and more. Taking pride in excellent results, Helen is dedicated to creating the perfect fit for both horse and rider.

For more information on this service, please feel free to contact The Trading Stables via e-mail, phone or Facebook. Enquiries are obligatory free and our staff are happy to answer any queries you may have.

General Enquiries Regarding Saddle Fitting And Fees:
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