The Trading Stables Pty Ltd
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Grooming is essential for the maintainence of a healthy horse. Different horses require different brushes; i.e. a furry, matted Shetland pony would require different bristles to a freshly clipped, sensitive skinned Warmblood. We have brushes to cater for all equine partners, at affordable prices. We also offer grooming kits; from basic to complete.

We stock all your show preparation needs, including but not limited to; mane combs, thread, elastic bands, cream make up, chalk, plait spray, glitter spray, shampoos, conditioners, dyes (Raven oil), brushes, sponges, sweat scrapers, razors, scissors, trimmers, coat shine products & stain removers.

We have brushes suitable for children's hands, as well as large brushes for removing chunks of dried mud! All our grooming products are available at very competitive prices.