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Full Cheek Mini Bit

Full Cheek Mini Bit


This Snaffle is a medium weight bit, sized correctly for ponies and small horses.

The full cheek prevents the bit from being pulled through the ponies mouth.

Also, the full cheek provides more lateral control by creating light pressure on the ponies cheeks.

This is an excellent bit when used with FM Keepers.

FM Keepers are not required to be used under competition rules, however they can help the stability of the mouthpiece and they are recommended for young children on ponies.

Stainless Steel. STC Stainless Steel is produced with a blend of 18% chrome and 8% nickel. The chrome prevents rusting and the nickel adds strength and durability. STC Stainless Steel is super strong and double hand polished.

Size Guide:
Welsh (9.0cm - 3")
Shetland (10.5cm - 4")
Pony (11.5cm - 4")