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Dr Bristol Eggbutt wFull Cheeks

Dr Bristol Eggbutt w/Full Cheeks


The mouthpiece of the Dr Bristol has two joints, which means the pressure of the bit is distributed over both the tongue and bars of the mouth. Because the mouthpiece has two joints, it shouldn't cause any interference with the roof of the mouth.

The Dr Bristol uses tongue pressure to encourage the horse to go on the bit, the flat shaped lozenge centre piece is set at an angle therefore causing a sharper, more pronounced pressure to the tongue, this bit will not encourage a true contact although may be useful if you need that extra bit of help in order to slow down or stop, it has bar and lip pressure but not a squeezing action like that of a bit with a single joint.

The more joints a bit has the less likely the horse is to lean as the bit becomes more mobile.

The full cheek prevents the bit from being pulled through the horse's mouth.

Stainless Steel. STC Stainless Steel is produced with a blend of 18% chrome and 8% nickel. The chrome prevents rusting and the nickel adds strength and durability. STC Stainless Steel is super strong and double hand polished.

One Size only: Cob (12.5cm - 5")